A “CATTOLICHINI D.O.C.” family who have been welcoming tourists for 3 generations.

I was only a child when, one summer, my grandmother Agnese decided to rent to a family a room in the apartment where she lived.

I was quite astonished and fascinated at the same time:

“How could grandma share her house with strangers?”

I was not still aware that those “strangers” would have soon become lifetime friends, and that from that time being, I would have waited for the summer to see and play with their children again.

Now they grew up but, except for a few white hairs, nothing has changed. When summer comes they move to Cattolica with their children, where they have spent the most cheerful and carefree adventures.

In the meantime I’ ve run the activity and together with my wife and my staff I am carrying out the tradition.

Who knows what grandmother Agnese would say …


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