The apartments

Designed to make your family feel good

Unlike any other solution that you can find in Cattolica, Cattolica 4 Family® apartments are specifically designed and furnished to fulfill all family needs.

All the apartments are nearby the sea in quiet and peaceful areas. They can accomodate from 6 to 8 people: if you travel with grandparents, they will for sure find space for them and enjoy the vacation too!

The apartments are full of toys. Inside or outside the house, you will find an area dedicated to children where they can have fun, eat, play and draw together.

Folonari 12

  • 4 beds
  • Ground floor with garden
  • Garage

Nettuno 3

  • 6 beds
  • First floor with elevator
  • Garage

Baviera 24

  • 6 beds
  • Outdoor kids playground
  • Garage